PMD C-Motion Language & Relate
Simplify, simplify - with robust, up-to-date tools
All Performance Motion Devices products come with our leading-edge software tools designed to simplify and streamline your development work. Continuously updated with the latest motion control techniques, analysis, and algorithms, our robust software supports all of the latest PMD technology features.

C-Motion® Language
C-Motion® is PMD's powerful and easy-to-use C-language motion control language. The C-Motion SDK includes a source library containing a convenient set of callable routines and providing all the code required for communicating to PMD motion control ICs, boards, and digital drives.
This robust, high- performance language features human-readable command names such as "SetPosition" or "GetCommandVelocity", axis virtualization, and a format that is independent of the host communication used.
C-Motion features:
  • Easily linked to any C/C++ or .NET application
  • Communicate to multiple PMD motion control ICs
  • Supports parallel, serial, CAN2.0, SPI and Ethernet communications
  • Axis virtualization
  • Supports PMD ICs, modules, and boards
  • Windows 32 and 64-bit compatibility
Pro-Motion® Setup Axis Wizard
Our easy-to-use Windows-based exerciser and data capture program offer ready-to-go capabilities your entire development team will be able to share. A step-by-step axis wizard allows designers to quickly and easily tune position loop, current loop, and field-oriented control motor parameters.
Pro-Motion features:
  • Rapidly sets up, tunes, and tests motion control systems
  • Easy-to-use axis wizard setup tool
  • Motion oscilloscope shows tuning and systems parameters in real time
  • Tuning of position loop, current loop, and field-oriented controller
  • Frequency-based servo analysis
  • Distance and time unit conversion
  • Supports Ethernet, SPI, PCI-bus, serial, and CANbus communications
  • Windows 32- and 64-bit compatibility
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